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At long last the problems of uncontrolled feral supermarket trollies has been replaced by a an enlightened proposition ‘C W’.

By way of background it is important to look at the Council book ‘Your Council your community’ otherwise known as the ‘Blue Book’.  Put briefly Council is concerned with the escalation of the arrears in the area of repairs and maintenance.  Currently at $70m.  To overcome the problem Council proposed an increase in the level of rates so that the services that we are used to can continue. Unfortunately this is not good enough because Council has been somewhat REMISS. Who in the right mind, expects the Council to continue to provide services that puts us further in deficit?

The answer is simple – just ask the Council. Increase the income and one way to do this is “to contract” out services to other Councils. Wow, why didn’t someone think of this before now?  Council tendered for a contract to supply services to Grafton Council by undercutting private enterprise tenderers.  The tendered cost was some $200,000 under private enterprise.  Now either private enterprise is remarkably inefficient or Coffs Council is super efficient despite their own arrears problem of $70m.


  1. Is Council overstaffed to the extent that the surplus staff can be redirected to do external work?

2.    Have all the arrears been eliminated? Has Council suddenly completed the backlog of arrears                            or, do you still have potholes in the local roads near you?

3.    Why was it necessary to apply for a special variation to the rates if the arrears no longer exist?

(The Council submission for this variation was for a period of 10 years, so this seems to cancel out the elimination of the arrears.)

4.    Did Council include all the costs associated with the tender proposal in their submission?  In other words is there a proper cost analysis or job card?  Have the Council for instance included employee long service leave and superannuation components  Have adequate allowance been made for the depreciation  for assets, owned by our community, which are to be used for the external work?  If the Council can undercut private enterprise to such an extent why is it that they are unable to apply the same processes to the day to day work in this city?

5.    What proportion of the costs associated with this tender is picked up by local residents?  As employees of our Council we are paying their wages.  Should we expect them to do our work first?

6.    How does this outsourcing fit in with the stated aim of the State Government to provide employment opportunities in regional areas?  Does it not have the opposite effect in that it creates unemployment?

7.    If the arrears have not been extinguished then, who made the strategy to divert resources away from local projects?  Who sanctioned the further escalation of the arrears?  What is the rationale behind such a decision?  Do the residents of this city deserve better treatment?

8.    What is the impact of this work on the Council planning documents, including the 2030 plan?

Community strategic plan, the delivery plan and the budgetary plan?


Note. Councillor Palmer recently resigned






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