And the winner is…

It is almost the time for local residents to consider the vexed question of whom do they want to represent them over the next four years?  To help residents, a review of the some of the major projects debated during the past eighteen months will be presented.  In no particular order the following topics will come under the spotlight:

  1. Purchase of the old Catholic Club site,
  2. Fisherman’s Club,
  3. Tax on 4wds accessing beaches,
  4. Botanic Gardens,
  5. Pioneer Park,
  6. Capital Hill – sale,
  7. Castle Street toilets fiasco,
  8. Coastal Works including Union and contractor issues, rebranding etc,
  9. Transition to Sustainability Project (outcomes?),
  10. Jetty Foreshores,
  11. Jetty Theatre fiasco,
  12. Rate Increase Proposals (including 10 year proposal),
  13. Community consultation,
  14. CBD planning (integration and timeline),
  15. Rally Australia,
  16. Airport (disjointed yet continuous changes),
  17. En Globo Affair,
  18. Management of Fit For The Future (special focus on benefits residents denied by council actions).

This list is not exhaustive – simply it is a recall of the issues where some of the community expressed some degree of dissatisfaction with the way council handled the matter.

A state of constant debate, some would say turmoil, punctuates the orderly running of our council.  Is this a healthy product or merely a distraction?  The question residents need to answer is how much of this bickering could have been avoided?

How many of these issues were foreshadowed in the council strategic plans?  How many issues had recognisable strategic goals and timeframes allocated to them?  When, if ever, where council plans adjusted for “unforeseen” events impacting on the plans?  When did the administration provide realistic reporting of milestone achievements (which were made available to the residents)?  In short, how do the residents know council is working to any co-ordinated and comprehensive “master” plan?

In coming days a score sheet will be developed.  It is for you, the resident, to complete.  The design is primarily to allow the “local” to grade and monitor council performance.  With some many issues to consider your own “personal” review before the election date might be of assistance when it is time to vote.  There is no predetermined pass mark.  A pass is a matter for your personal interpretation.

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