GPs launch attack on PM Malcolm Turnbull


Doctors will launch TV advertisements to warn patients they will have to pay to see a doctor as they escalate their campaign against the Turnbull government’s six year freeze on Medicare rebates.

In an unprecedented move the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners will on Sunday launch two advertisements depicting a mother and a young girl delaying medical treatment they can’t afford.

  • A doctor and patient in scene from ads criticising the Turnbull Government’s proposed changes to bulk billing. Picture: Supplied
  • Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has put GPs off-side with his controversial Medicare policy. Picture: AP Photo/Rob Griffith
  • She can’t afford it . a scene from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’s ads about changes to bulk billing. Picture: Supplied
  • An unhappy patient can’t afford fees in a new TV ad taking aim at the Coalition’s six-year freeze on Medicare rebates. Picture: Supplied
  • A family struggles to cop the cost of paying for a doctor’s visit in a new ad attacking the Turnbull Government. Picture: Supplied

The Federal Government’s freeze on Medicare rebates means you’ll pay more to see a doctor,” the Advertisements say.

“In Australia your wealth should not affect your health”.

The group normally leaves medical politics to the AMA and its intervention in the election campaign underlines the depth of outrage in the medical community against the Medicare freeze.

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