Its raining money on Cowper. I wonder why?

By The Contrarian

It is 28 June 2016 and recently I have been noticing a flood of money being showered via promises from the Federal Government and from the local federal MP Mr Luke Hartsuyker himself. Well they are being sold as core promises but are they non-core promises?

And remarkably I’ve noticed that this has occurred in just the last two or three weeks.  I’m trying to figure out why there has been this sudden shower of benevolence.  Is it because the Government has come over all kind and caring?  Is it because the “debt and deficit disaster” is no more and the magic money fairy has fixed that for good?

I’ve been told there is a federal election campaign on at the moment although until recently around these parts you wouldn’t have noticed.  There sure as heck were next to no posters, stuff all advertising and next to no profile at all from any political parties.

So what has brought on this veritable shower of largesse aimed at ‘work programs’, surf club refits and university expansions and buildings to name but a few?  I’ve even noticed leaflets from the national Party arriving claiming that they have been benevolent like this forever.  It’s just that being the ungrateful wretches we are we haven’t noticed apparently.

Am I being far too cynical in thinking it might just have something to do with the fact we now have a high profile independent running for this seat by the name of Rob Oakeshott and his entry into this campaign has caused the tightening of sphincters in the National Party both federally and locally?  Is it because seat polls here in Cowper are showing for the first time since Lazarus was a cowboy things are close in a federal election here locally?

Surely it couldn’t be that?  Surely it couldn’t be something so cynical?

But if it is that and if the threat to what was one of the safest electorates in Australia has called a thousand banks to burst and shower largesse on us then what does this tell us?

Does it not tell us that turning and keeping this seat marginal under the current two party preferred system is not necessarily a bad thing?  Doesn’t it tell us that genuine competition in politics is a good thing and just like elsewhere in the broader socio-economic world is to be encouraged in politics too?

If, like me, you find yourself answering yes to those last two questions then I reckon we might just need to keep the pressure on come election day this Saturday.  For some of us that might mean changing the voting habits of a lifetime.

I’ve never seen this place seem as optimistic as it has in the past few weeks.  Keeping it going would be no bad thing in my opinion.  Stuff it I finally feel like its time for a change.

I’d be saying exactly the same thing if I lived in a seat where the ALP had a huge majority forever too and genuine opposition came along.

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