Breaking News Rhoades might sue DonaldTrump!!

The local news is so uninteresting and full of waffle it is time to speculate on a  possible future event. Imagine the Coffs Harbour City Councillor announcing his intention to sue "would-be" United States President Donald Trump. It    seems Donald Trump may have illegally "pinched" the idea oferecting a fence (wall) from the local councillor. In annou-ncing his team for the forthcoming council election the   councillor pointed to his past experience and his two terms as mayor. His 25 years of experience has, it seems given  him a unique perspective on community needs. The solution   was so simple. To avoid having to deal with the residents, Councillor Rhodes built a fence between himself and the   masses who make up the electorate. Just to make sure that  it does the intended job the Councillor frequently absented himself from the electorate.
Such a sound proof idea means we are out of sight. Out of 
sight equates to out of mind. This in turn means community wishes can no longer infiltrate the hallowed recesses of   the council chamber. Councillor Rhoades is free to assume  full responsibility for everything. He has after all a vastwealth of experience he can draw on.

Donald Trump is of course, trying to stop the nasty Mexican-s from infiltrating the United States. Remember if we can-not see them then they do not exist

Councillor Rhodes' legal team are exploring court action   for plagiarism  Donald Trump "stole the idea of shutting   the people out.

Good Luck Councillor, remember the last time the people    decided not to elect you as Mayor. Much of the inactivity  over the past term and the resultant "dysfunctional and     inconsistent council is clearly your doing. It seems you  were unable to accept the people's decision. Little has cha-nged and to rely on the past really shows you are past    your use by date. The wall is still there.

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  1. The Donald and The BFC. Jeez, couldn’t get a better ‘pair’ in a fruit shop. They deserve each other!

    Surely Coffs Harbour can do better than the GFC as a ‘retread Mayor’?

  2. The Donald and The BFC. Jeez, couldn’t get a better ‘pair’ in a fruit shop. They deserve each other!

    Surely Coffs Harbour can do better than the BFC as a ‘retread Mayor’?

  3. So Cr Rhodes has been on the CHCC as a Councilor for almost a quarter of a century apparently and for eight of those years as Mayor and he has not shown any real runs on the board in this regard. Arguably just the opposite. It is time for new blood. Twenty five years is more than enough. One gets the strong feeling this is seen as a job rather than a passionate vocation by Cr Rhodes.

    IMHO it’s time to move on Cr Rhodes and I suspect the voters said just that to you last time. Maybe they need to be a lot more emphatic this time?

  4. I very much doubt Mr Rhoades has any real interest in this community. Except of course, for the fact that as a Councillor he can stand for the multiple public roles, from which he receives almost $300,000 according to the Daily Telegraph article.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Mr Rhoades assessment of Mayor Knight’s performance.

    1. I find it interesting Chris that Cr Knight seems to have moved away from Cr Rhodes if her recent two-group announcement for the up coming election is anything to go by.


      Of course the interesting thing will be what Cr Knight’s other co-candidates say are their priorities and how they hope to attain them but at least one can see she gets that diversity is something important to strive for.

      Cr Rhodes on the other hand seems to think diversity is not important from what I can see. I think you are right, he sees it all as a way of maximizing his income.

      1. Right on the Ball Grant thanks. I would like to add that a careful study of the 45 candidates running for Council does give an interesting selection to choose from, we just need to avoid the majority of councillors who are up for another chance to get to the gravy train.
        Take your time choose carefully and vote below the line.
        There seems to be some confusion as to the correct way to vote below the line and how many to choose. Keep your eye on this blog we are waiting for advice from Sydney and will let you all know as soon as it comes to hand. Hugh

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