The recent chaos in the City Centre demonstrates the lack of organised planning by the Council.

Traffic has been rerouted along Park Avenue and then along the Highway. There are already numerous sets of traffic lights on this stretch of road.

“Through traffic and tourists” are unlikely  to be impressed by a stop/ start journey.

Why did Council not foresee these problems? Why did they not plan some alternatives?

The Pioneer Park surely precedes  (in a coordinated schedule) the mess being created at the Gordon Street intersection. Likewise why did Council not take advantage of the other options such as rerouting the traffic along Hogbin Drive and reentering the Highway at Park Beach Plaza intersection? Alternative traffic could do a detour at the police station and run parallel to the Highway up to the Coffs Creek traffic lights.

If Council cannot see the immediate problems, what chance do the residents have of Council properly developing a long term strategic plan?


This council has a stated policy to be “open and transparent” in its operations. So why then is there so much secrecy about Council Works?

Somehow a new body known as Coastal Works emerged under the control of a board. They have access to the residents and apparently some 250 former council employees are now employed by this body.

Mayor, since you are on the Board please tell us how many Board  meetings you have attended? If, as it is widely suspected it is none,  then how do you know what is going on? How are you protecting the interests of the community? If there have been debriefings by the General Manager how come only itinerant councillors, you know the ones which spend more time outside the city, are aware of the debriefings?

Mayor is it also true that a contract was given to  a member of the Board to rebrand our assets? Is this not a case of the Board member having a vested interest? Or doesn’t that matter any more?When were the residents told about this extraordinary waste of their money. Why was it even necessary?

Please Mayor, don’t trot out the excuse that it was to establish some form of identity. Coastal is hardly an identity when you think about the length of the coastline, some 12,000 miles around Australia.

This Coastal Works organisation is competing against local people. Is that good for the local economy? Just think about it Mayor and answer some other questions. In relation to the Gordon Street intersection project what is the home (business office) address of the contractor? How many people employed on this project come from out of town? What kind of (specialist) tasks are they doing?  Were there no people from our city that could perform these tasks? Surely this work is significantly the same as the work Coastal Works purports to do. So why, Mayor. bring people from Melbourne to do the work that locals could do? Why contract people to Grafton to do similar work?

Do you know the answers to any of these questions or are you just a puppet doing as you are told?

Yours, a concerned resident,  Hyacinth


A STROLL IN TOWN -Dateline Thursday June 30–2016

One week after the closure of the intersection Harbour Drive and Gordon Street. and foolishly I  venture into the city centre. It is an unexpected errand needing attention.

Parking a few blocks away there is time to reflect on the recent comment by the Mayor. It appears she was so excited by her recent visit to Canberra and was equally excited by the innovations in “digital innovation.”  Fortunately we in Coffs Harbour are at the forefront so presumably we too are excited by the prospspect.

As I near Park Avenue, the lightbulb in my head turns on and the full realisation of the meaning of digital innovation dawns. Is it something to do with optical illusions?  If so Park Avenue is proof we are at the forefront. There is practically a gridlock situation which offers pedestrians the opportunity to dodge between cars without the risk of being hit! These cars I assume have all been manufactured using the latest technology which allows objects to be made out of paper using a computer. Things like guns and furniture etc. So these cars are coming off the production line at the edge of the city – interesting.  This must be stimulating the local economy and providing employment. Ho silly was I not to see these opportunities before. Well done Mayor fr pointing them out to me.

The errand over I began the search for a place to have a cup of coffee. The city centre has many such establishments from which to choose.  Unfortunately, and to my horror, it is midway through the afternoon, school is not yet out and these venues are all closed. Half a dozen people walk aimlessly around the centre and shopkeepers try desperately to entice people into their “lairs”. They are a good source od information and soon I am aware of the rumour spreading about the departure of the General Manager to a higher level of Government. If only we could be so lucky

It is not until the evening news when I find the reason behind the rumour. It seems the Premier, Mr Baird has been in town today. Our Council has put on an impressive display of miss-management! which the Premier undoubtably noticed. A traffic jam to show hoe progressive our city is a thriving economy with plenty of employment possibilities. It is after all as the Mayor said. “It is what the people wanted”.



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A message from Andrew Fraser Member for Coffs Hbr.


There has been an unprecedented turnaround in the state affairs of New South Wales since the NSW Liberals and Nationals came to office in 2001.

A desperate State at the bottom of the ladder in economic activity just five years ago, this NSW Government has dramatically turned things around and today our State in now leading the nation. And the benefits have been seen here right in the Coffs Harbour Electorate.

In the past two years alone, Coffs Harbour Electorate has seen millions of dollars injected into the local economy at so many levels. Much of that investment in our region- from grassroots community projects to major infrastructure and construction.

It has been a great pleasure to have represented Coffs Harbour Electorate in securing such a diverse range of exciting and much needed projects.

We are such a strong community with a backbone of like minded people who have the knowledge and the determination to achieve the best outcomes.

The NSW Government will continue to work hard to support regional communities and ensure that our State remains the best place in the country to live and work.

Our last Budget committed $68.6 billion to infrastructure projects over the next four years, providing thousands of jobs and delivering schools, hospitals public transport and roads.

The NSW economy is powering ahead delivering record numbers of new jobs across the State-almost 170,000 in 2015 more that 66,700 new homes were given the green light in NSW last year, which is  74 per cent above the decade average.

NSW has a bright future. And together we can all enjoy the best that this great State has to offer.