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CHATS Productions new show, Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” presents many problems to a director- not lease the need for a believable pair of twins. Director Shirley Barnett is over the moon at her Viola and Sebastian- Beth Hennes and Jaidyn McGrory. Director Shirley Barnett stated “It is incredible to find two such talented young actors with the right “look” for the twins. The whole cast gasped when we first put them together.” Tickets are now on sale online or at the box office 6652 8088 open Tuesday to Friday 12 to 4pm.


Colonial ladies and Shakespeare- an odd mix, you may think. But in CHATS Productions presentation of “Twelfth Night” director Shirley Barnett imagines a shipwreck on the coast of Australia, instead of Illyria, in the early 1800’s. Photographer Tom Caldwell has imagined Jessica Young admiring some of the tall ships in the harbour. “Twelfth Night” is Chats offering in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the death if Shakespeare. And what a celebration it is, mingling comedy and drama with song and romance. “Twelfth Night” can be seen at the Jetty Memorial Theatre, opening on October 13th.” Tickets are now on sale online or at the box office 6652 8088 open Tuesday to Friday 12 to 4pm.


” Rehearsal fun, Becky Cole (Maria) and Leo Bradney-George (Sir Toby) share a joke during rehearsals for Twelfth Night. Director Shirley Barnett said, “it’s hard to believe that a play written almost 400 years ago should be so funny, but cast watching the rehearsals are in stitches


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