OBSERVATIONS 1991 comments about Coffs some 25 years ago

MR Keating and Labor are only telling half the story when they claim they have created 714,000 jobs since 1993, Garry Nehl, member for Cowper said.
Mr Nehl said that from July 1960 to January 1996 less than 30,000 (actually 29,700) full time jobs have been created.

Mr Keatings recession destroyed 358,000 full-time jobs and these must be netted off against the 714, 000.and to rub salt into the wound, 299,300 of Mr Keatings “new ” jobs are part time!

“Labors failure is illustrated by the fact that from 1990 to 1996 the unemployment rate has jumped more than 38% from 6,2% in March 1990 to 8.6% today. There are still more than 777,000 unemployed people.
The people of Cowper will not be fooled by Labor’s lies and deceit this time round” Mr Nehl said. A HELPING HAND FOR FIRST HOME BUYERS. Coalition’s superannuation policy announced this week will allow first home buyers to use their super funds for a home deposit, Garry Nehl said.

Workers earning between $450 -$950 per month will be given the choice between receiving superannuation guaranteed contributions of taking the equivalent amount in wages and salary. “The big winner will be the Australians with broken workforce participation, particularly women, low income earners, and young people who will be given greater choice and control over their super.

With the Coalition, spouses will be allowed to contribute to non working partners super funds and employees will be given the option of contributing to the retirement savings employees’ spouses while the spouse is on maternity leave. The Coalition will notching the existing dollar for dollar watching super contributions scheme established under Labor, but we will make super more flexible so everyone can get real benefit from it.” NO COMPULSARY UP FRONT FEES FOR UNDERGRADUATES.
“There will be no compulsory fees for undergraduates: no changes the HECS system and no moves to introduce a voucher system, under the Coalition’s Higher Education Policy,” Garry Nehl said.
AUSTUDY AND ABSTUDY will be retained and improved, the level funding of operating grants to Universities will br maintained and there will be no cuts in University placed. Cowper families with capital assets but little money to spare for education, will greatly benefit from the `Coalition’s proposal to relax the Austudy asset tests on farm and business assets.” Mr Nehl
said delivering on these commitments is vital to restore the faith of the students who have become disillusioned with Labor’s string of broken promises.

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