The NSW Government may release its vision  for the development of Coffs Harbour waterfront in 2017.

Discussion is underway with several NSW Government departments to create one trnure for all public land at the Coffs Harbour waterfront.

There has  been uncertainty for some time about plans for the Jetty precinct including public – private development and commercial leases.

Coffs Harbour MP Andrew FRaser said he hopes a new plan for the harbour can be drawn up in 2017.  He said previous blueprints for the important area havw failed to attract community support.

“What’s happened in the past has been development of the Jetty has been an imposition on our community by Government,” Mr Fraser said. What we hope to do in 2017 is have community discussions, workshops, maybe some draft plans so people can comment.  My attitude has always been  you must take the people with you.

“In the past what has been proposed has been overdevelopment, and people haven’t liked it”.

Mr Fraser said the current discussions include several  government departments including Premier and Cabinet and Primary Industries.

“That’s happenong at the moment and I would hope sometime in the New Year we will have an opportunity to have a plan drawn up for the future of the Jetty  he said.

“Not something that has been put before,” but something that I hope will be exciting and meets with public approval.”


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