The reginal capitals report released recently paints a worrying picture for those in COFFS HARBOUR. The Chair of the committee was quoted as saying “the idea that regional cities are and will continue to be in a regional centre will be 2.9% during the period 2013 to 2031.  Coffs  Harbour is below the national average and at 2.3% is equal lowest in the  nation.

This ” disappointing” result reflected a missed opportunity to get people into the workforce. There was also a need to have a surge in start up businesses.

So, given the extraordinary effort of Council   our region  fell out of the top ten to equal lowest.

Does this suggest Council is unable to plan properly? We were told we are to grow   of what of what promotes growth judgingit is clear Council has no ideapolicies they have put in place.ere told we are to grow but it is clear Council has no idea of what promotes growth judging from the policies they have put in place.

Growth comes about when the community is prepared to spend within the  community generates income.   and more opportunities; these in turn lead to growth.    GROWTH  IS NOT ACHIEVED BY POLICIES AIMED AT; 

Gouging over $200m out of the community under rate increases or

Setting up in competition against local business such as Coastal Works is doing or

 Contracting outside the region for services when local resources are available (swimming pool tenders).

But do not fear, the chair of the Chamber of Commerce told us agriculture was ramping up. This will be our most important industry followed by aged care, education and tourism. It is a shame the Council were opposed to the development of:

O  The old Catholic Club site and

O  The development of packing facilities for the blueberry industry at the old BUNNINGS  site.

Both of these ventures, no doubt, would have created employment opportunities. Bot-h projects would have been ‘start up‘ businesses.

Rest assured the General Manager has a plan, a strategic plan no less. It is a plan to relegate Coffs Harbour to the bottom of the pack and it is long term because the outlook is for the next fourteen years.

It makes one wonder if agriculture, aged care and education are the growth areas why concentrate on the C B D? It is true funding comes from businesses within that precinct. It is also true these businesses have an agreement with Council to direct where expenditure is to occur. {If only that were true.}

So given this why has Council ignored the areas where agriculture,f aged care and education are, or will be, centred?

Silly me, I forgot the 2030 photographic display will take care of that!

Submitted by COB

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