We write to Council on behalf of the major CBD Property owners listed in respect of the proposed extension  of the existing CBD special rate which has now expired.

Council has recently carried out a phone survey which indicated  some support by property owners in the CBD for an extension of the rate. The survey also found that there was little support to have the rate extended to other business properties elsewhere in the city.

AS owners of the major retail and commercial properties affected by this rate we recognise the advantages that can be achieved in maintaining and strengthening the viability of the CBD by the application of such a rate to works which enhance the presentation ,amenity. public facilities and positioning of the CBD as the central core location of CoffsHarbour’s business and community life.

It is important that the rate is carefully targeted  at only projects which provide clear and significant benefits to the CBD as set out above and that those projects are identified. concept-developed and  agreed as part of a 10 year Town Centre Master Plan developed by property owners and Council with the assistance of professional advisers and reasonably required.

Accordingly we offer our support for the extension of the special rate conditional on the following:

  1.  The new special rate be limited to those properties that have contributed to the  previous special rate.
  2. The formulation  of a 10 year Town Centre Master Plan by Property owners and  Council  with the assistance of appropriate professional consultants which identifies and details the projects that are a greed should be carried out using the special rate funds.
  3. A Committee is established pursuant to section 355 of Local Government Act comprising majority representation of property owners  and including representatives of Council to scope commission develop adopt manage and administer the 10 year plan.
  4. All projects undertaken from funds generated by the special rate be independently and professionally managed under the direction and control of the 355 committee.
  5. Projects undertaken by the special  rate be limited to works which enhance the presentation amenity,y public facilities and positioning of CBD as the center core  for location for Coffs Harbour Business and Community life anf have a clear benefit to the commercial and retail  aspect of the CBD

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