The NSW Government and local MP, Andrew Fraser, have announced that the Coffs Harbour electorate can share in part of $100 million being invested into regional villages, towns and cities through a new Regional Cultural Fund announced in the 2017 NSW Budget.

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said that the fund will drive the creation of regional cultural infrastructure across a range of new and existing spaces, buildings and structures that support or accommodate the arts, cultural expression and heritage.

Through the fund, support is offered to a diverse mix of arts and culture spanning visual media and performing arts, heritage, publishing and film.

Mr Fraser said he was excited for the range of new projects that this could offer the Coffs Harbour electorate.

Mr Harwin said “The Regional Cultural Fund is a fantastic opportunity for new and existing arts and cultural facilities to receive help in developing their offering, deliver improvements to venues and increase the participation in arts and culture by enabling more regional tours for our artists.

 “Regional communities live and breathe arts and culture and we want to make sure that this continues to thrive and professionalise. Investing in arts and culture facilities and programs in the bush provides recreational, educational as well as social benefits and in turn help art practitioners to expand their networks and enter new markets”.

“The Regional Cultural Fund is a welcome boost for the regional arts and culture community in the Coffs Harbour electorate.  So if there are galleries that need to be built, a local hall that needs a lick of paint or a theatre group has a new project, I encourage them all to apply,” Mr Fraser added.

There are small, medium and large funding pools for projects from a couple of hundred dollars to $5 million. Specific funds are reserved for new programming projects.

Expressions of Interest and applications for the Regional Cultural Fund will open from 17 July 2017. Successful projects will be invited to provide additional information.

For further information and guidelines for applicants visit www.create.nsw.gov.au.

23 June 2017

For media comment contact Andrew Fraser on 6652 6500 or 0427 241 522



Council agreed to “get with it” and move Coffs Harbour region out of the dark ages on the first of many steps to get to the 21st Century. A spokesperson said today that Council agreed to a major change to the structure of Council. A consultant would be engaged to oversee the creation of a new Division. “The Division of silly ideas”. The planned change to the organisation has many positives. It generates revenue for Council and employment opportunities for local residents.

The spokesperson commented that the system won’t allow for creative revenue raising products to be generated without the need for costing the tedious issues of administration or of considering legal issues. Under the proposed division, submissions for the advancement of the region would be implemented for trial periods (to see how much revenue accrued to Council) and then evaluated. A prime example would be the new 4WD beach access proposal. The “policing of 6 beaches, both day and night, on a daily basis would see an additional 15 or so people getting jobs.

During the initial period it should not be necessary to consider any impact on holidaymakers or other visitors. Groups of voluntary workers would contribute money to Council but would be expected to continue with their voluntary arrangements for beach environment protection.

Fishermen could continue their activities albeit that such activity might need to be monitored by rangers (presumably based in the Deep Sea Fisherman’s Club). Lifeguards would also be charged for accessing beaches for “rescue purposes” although the spokesperson explained that it might be possible to disguise the costs in the budgets via a series of accounting transactions.

The brave new decision follows on from a wealth of silly ideas generated in recent times. The light rail system will be incorporated into the CBD Plan. The City Square will have a monorail section (see artist impression of future landscape) stretching from the St George building to the gravel agent premises. The existing sails will be removed and the area will be tastefully decorated with a multitude of fairy lights. It is hoped that the Bogong moths experience will attract passers-by off the Highway into the thriving cultural heart of Coffs Harbour after dark. This will be of particular interest at Christmas especially for families attending Carols in Brelsford Park. The lights can be admired from afar to avoid to avoid any prospect of vandalism. The opportunity to submit an idea Residents are encouraged to contribute silly ideas to Council. For existing employees it offers the opportunity to submit any idea and be rewarded with a suitable redundancy package.