About Coffs Outlook

Welcome to a rejuvenated COFFS OUTLOOK. I am not sure how long it is since our last issue but I would like to reassure all readers that we are back and your contributions are more than welcome as long as they are relevant and not rude.

If you would like to receive regular copies of this blog a small donation will be greatly appreciated.

You will notice improvements in the layout and design of Coffs Outlook in much the same way that we are experiencing changes around the city of Coffs Harbour. The old Rivers store site is undergoing a major facelift after a tragic fire and City Square is undergoing an upgrade.

The Mayor seems to have won the day over the delinquent shopping trollies and earned the title of “Mary Poppins Trolley Queen”.

It will be great to encourage our youth to contribute a regular column, giving them an opportunity to give their point of view, after all it is only going to be a few years before they are driving cars, voting in Council, State and Federal elections and hopefully becoming the mainstay of the future of Coffs Harbour.

Many people speak of the needs for an Entertainment Centre. It seems to be way beyond the means of Coffs Harbour at the moment. I recall some great shows that have been set up on the Showground in specially designed tents, giving us a wonderful evening of entertainment close to being on a par with our larger capital cities and much closer to home.

Newcomers ask why Coffs has a jetty which has no role other than to give the youth something to jump and dive from and to which no boats are allowed to moor. These sort of questions are really quite interesting and Coffs Outlook will try to give answers. The following photograph shows passengers embarking aboard the s.s. Fitzroy in a large wicker basket, four at a time.

SS Fitzroy
SS Fitzroy