Did Petra Kill Uldren?

Is Uldren dead?

The Queen’s brother Prince Uldren Sov – AKA the emo bloke who killed Cayde – is back from the dead.

After getting shot in the head to avenge the fallen Cayde, Uldren was revived as a Guardian by a cheerful Ghost named Pulled Pork..

Will Cayde 6 ever return?

Bungie confirms Cayde-6 won’t come back in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn – Polygon.

Why does Cayde say how’s your sister?

Perhaps Cayde knew Uldren was speaking to/seeing his sister… and he was taunting Uldren in front of his henchmen as a means to point out how he’s batshit crazy.

Did Petra VENJ kill Uldren?

If you agreed with Ghost and thought Uldren was either redeemable, had been manipulated, or needed a punishment more befitting than death, Petra killed him.

Who kills Uldren?

THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD. First, some background. Forsaken antagonist Uldren Sov was killed at the end of the expansion’s story, a troubling revenge act for the death of wise-cracking hunter Cayde-6. Bungie did not show who, exactly, put the bullet in Uldren.

Is Petra VENJ a guardian?

She isn’t a guardian. She doesn’t have a class.

Why did Uldren kill Cayde?

He was already lightless and unable to prevent them from escaping. If they let Cayde live, they would be less of a priority to be tracked down by Guardians. But going ahead and killing him meant he was literally asking thousands of Guardians to hunt him down.

Who will replace Cayde 6?

The Exo StrangerWhen we lose Cayde-6, we also lose any Exo representation on the Vanguard fireteam. The Exo Stranger is the only real Guardian who can replace Cayde as both a Hunter and a representative of one of the three races.

Who Cayde 6 son?

Prince UldrenPrince Uldren is Cayde’s son > Destiny 2 – Lore | Forums | Bungie.net.

How did Uldren SOV survive?

He participated in the Battle of Saturn and is the only known survivor at the time, as his ship crashed on Athabasca, Mars. However, his survival was unknown at the time, as control of the Crows passed to Variks. Uldren suspected that his sister survived the battle, as he could still sense her.

Where is Uldren SOV now?

The entry strongly infers that this unnamed Guardian living in a shipping container is almost certainly Uldren Sov. Since Uldren’s resurrection, he’s been living his life as an outcast Guardian without knowing why. He’s camped out somewhere in the EDZ near the Last City, living in a shipping container with his Ghost.

Is Uldren the new Hunter Vanguard?

So now that Prince Uldren has been Resurrected and has joined the ranks of the Guardians, we all know what comes next… He becomes Hunter vanguard!