How Do You Switch Items In A Link To The Past?

They allow Link to swim and dive underwater by pressing the B button, which is required to enter the Catfish’s Maw.

By diving underwater, Link can avoid attacks from enemies while swimming..

When worn, the Power Glove bestows upon Link incredible physical strength, allowing him to pick up small and big gray stones scattered around Hyrule. A stronger glove known as the Titan’s Mitt can be obtained later on in the game. This is needed to pick up the black stones.

Just north of the small key treasure chest, there is a crack in the wall on the right side. Place a bomb and blow open the hole. Walk on through and open the big treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Magic Hammer.

You can only get this easy-to-get Heart Piece after you defeated Agahnim in Hyrule Castle. You must travel northwest of the Sanctuary in the Light World, past the entrance to the Dark World. You’ll eventually come to a small house.

To get to the next dungeon, find the stone gargoyle statue in the center of town, located in the same place as the weathercock in the town square of Kakariko Village. This statue marks the entrance to the dungeon, but how to get inside? Go up to it and pull on the statue, and Link will rip it open!

How many bombs and arrows can you carry in a link to the past?

Venus, Queen of the Fairies will appear allowing you to upgrade how many Bombs or Arrows you can carry. Select either one to increase either one’s max by 5. Each time you throw 100 Rupees in, Venus will upgrade your Bomb or Arrow Maximum again. The highest Maximum for both is 50 Bombs and 70 Arows.

A Link to the Past features eight Warp Tiles and one warp gate across Hyrule. After completing Hyrule Castle Tower and defeating Agahnim, Link will be transported to the Dark World. From this point on, these nine warps will allow Link to immediately travel from the Light World to the Dark World.

Just go to the Thieves’ Town, which is the fourth dungeon in the Dark World. To get there, head to the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World and look for the gargoyle statue. The Gargoyle seems to be holding something in front of a doorway. Pull at it to break it off and enter into the door…

Where is the lost blacksmith in Zelda?

In the Light World, the smiths can be found to the southeast of Kakariko Village. One of the smiths remarks that he can only temper Link’s sword when his partner returns. In the Dark World, the missing Dwarven Swordsmith can be found just south of the Village of Outcasts near the Digging Game.

The Blue Mail is the second Mail Link can wear in A Link to the Past. It is hidden in a Big Chest in the Ice Palace of the Dark World. When Link wears it, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by half of the damage received with the Green Jerkin.

Wait about 20 seconds and go to the pond again and throw in some more Rupees. Once the total reaches 100 Rupees, a Fairy will come up and ask if you would like to upgrade Arrows or Bombs. It will upgrade your capacity, but you can keep upgrading until you reach a total of 70 Arrows.

Talk to the pool and it will ask if you’d like to donate 25 or 50 ruppees. Choose 50 ruppees, walk around a bit in the cave and ask again. Choose 50 ruppees again and a Fairy will appear. She will ask you if you’d like to carry more bombs or more arrows.

It is able to block small fireballs, and can be bought from the Dark World’s Shield Shop. Alternatively, it can be acquired for free by throwing the Fighter’s Shield into the Mysterious Pond in the Waterfall of Wishing.

To get there, go to the Lost Woods in the Light World and head all the way west, then south. You’ll come out of the woods near some wooden stakes. Pound down the stakes with your Hammer, and lift up the small green rock on the other side to find a warp back to the Dark World.

Select: Pressing Select will bring up the inventory menu during the game. R Button: The R Button is the general action button. Use it to open treasure chests, pick up bushes, rocks, pots, etc. and speak to characters or read signs.

Travel to the Light World with him and go to the Blacksmith’s House due east of Kakariko Village. Once this is done, leave the house, go back in and give them your Master Sword. Leave the house and screen again, then go back, and pick up your Tempered Sword!

In A Link to the Past, you can press and hold the B button to unleash a more powerful spin attack. The X button, when pressed, will allow you to view the maps you have, such as the overworld map. Important locations and items are often marked on your map. The Y button will allow Link to use an inventory item.

The goal is to go only as far left as it takes to warp and no farther. Once you enter the portal, hold in right on the control cross. If you’ve succeeded, Link will go through the wall and jump off into the ravine below. Go south and you’ll drop down from Death Mountain on the west side of the river, by the graveyard.