How Do You Use Purposely In A Sentence?

What’s another word for accidentally?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for accidentally, like: unintentionally, randomly, intentionally, inadvertently, by-chance, incidentally, unexpectedly, haphazardly, undesignedly, adventitiously and casually..

How do you spell purpose?

Spelling of purpose: purpose is spelled p-u-r-p-o-s-e. Not to be confused with propose. Definition of purpose: Purpose is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, purpose refers to (1) a goal, aim, or object toward which one strives to achieve, and (2) resolution or determination.

How can I feel more purposeful?

To help you, here are 9 powerful thing you can start doing:Create a compelling future. … Find your mission for your purposeful life. … Act today, not tomorrow. … Take baby steps forward (or crawl if you prefer) … Focus on one thing at a time. … Say “no” a lot. … Look at obstacles as signs. … Consume uplifting content.

How do you use cautiously in a sentence?

Cautiously sentence examplesShe peered cautiously over the edge, but couldn’t see the car. … She saw nothing and stepped cautiously into the hallway, looking both ways. … He saw nothing, and the others cautiously emerged. … They cautiously crept around the dune. … Cautiously her fingers felt the ground around her and touched the cold steel barrel.More items…

How do you use expertise in a sentence?

Expertise sentence examples”Deidre, I’m offering my expertise to assist you,” Andre said. … I don’t know that we have the expertise here to repair it at this time. … I would not recommend quickly chopping vegetables unless you have expertise with a knife. … I am working on achieving expertise in mathematics so that I can become a teacher.More items…

What does YLU mean in text?

Youth Leaders Universityrsity. YLU. Yahoo List of Universities. Development, Universities, Study.

What are the words ending with Ly?

Common Adverbs Ending with -lyaccidentally.accusingly.adamantly.angrily.anxiously.argumentatively.automatically.badly.More items…

How do you use purposefully in a sentence?

Purposefully sentence examplesA disturbance at the entrance caught their attention and Carmen turned to see Alex striding purposefully across the floor toward them. … He slammed the door and strode purposefully around to the other side, jerking the driver’s side door open. … Making plans with others and purposefully leaving you out.More items…

How do you use supplement in a sentence?

Supplement in a Sentence 🔉The vitamin was added as a supplement to her diet to improve her blood circulation. … She took the advanced algebra class as a supplement to the ordinary curriculum for 8th . … A fundraiser was in place to supplement the lack of funds available to the nonprofit organization.More items…

What does it mean to act purposefully?

Something purposeful is done on purpose: it’s meant to achieve an aim. Lots of things happen accidentally or randomly, but other things have a purpose. Such things can be called purposeful. Going to college, starting a family, giving to a charity, and adopting a dog are all purposeful acts.

How do you use the word surge?

Surge sentence examplesShe swallowed down a surge of excitement. … She glanced down at her wrinkled nightclothes and felt a scarlet wave surge up her neck.More items…

How do you use the word conviction in a sentence?

Conviction sentence examplesDusty’s conviction was on his face. … The husband, however, did not seem to share that conviction and tried to behave morosely with Rostov. … There was a conviction for manslaughter. … It was nice to hear the old conviction in that deep warm voice.More items…

What does XD mean?

1. an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth. OMG!

What is the meaning purposely?

on purposePurposely means “on purpose” or “not by accident,” while purposefully means “indicating the existence of a purpose.” Although very similar, in context “purposefully” is usually used to indicate a greater level of intent or deliberate aim, as opposed to “purposely.”

What is another word for purposely?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for purposely, like: intentionally, designedly, advisedly, deliberately, consciously, expressly, knowingly, willfully, accidentally, unintentionally and spontaneously.

What is a purposeful person?

​You understand that each person is unique and they must live their own purpose. You do not require others to explain their choices and you feel no need to explain yourself to those who do not understand you. Remember that living purposefully means that you are: ​true to who you are. pursue your own goals and …

How do you use bauble in a sentence?

Bauble sentence examplesYou didn’t carry that bauble with you for twenty years to sacrifice it now. … Cromwell himself, however, seems to have regarded the question of title as of secondary importance, as merely (to use his own words) “a feather in the hat,” “a shining bauble for crowds to gaze at or kneel to.”More items…

What’s the difference between purposefully and purposely?

When you use purposely in a sentence, it should be synonymous with intentionally and on purpose. … When you use purposefully in a sentence, it should mean “in a way that shows determination and resolve” or, put more simply, “full of purpose.” The opposite of purposefully would be close to negligently or carelessly.

What’s the opposite of purposely?

What is the opposite of purposefully?inadvertentlyunconsciouslyunwittinglyaccidentallyinvoluntarilyincidentallysubconsciouslyby accidentby mistakeunawares12 more rows

What does Ly mean?

Love YouThe abbreviation LY means “Love You.” LY is is widely used in texting and instant messaging as a way of saying “Love You.” It is used by people in well-established relationships as an expression of deep devotion and also between friends as a less intense expression of affection.

What does it mean to supplement something?

noun. something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole. a part added to a book, document, etc., to supply additional or later information, correct errors, or the like.