How Far Is Greece From Italy Car?

Is there a ferry from Greece to Italy?

There are 6 ferry companies with a combined offering of 16 Ferry Routes connecting Corfu to Brindisi, Patras to Brindisi, Ancona, Venice & Bari, Igoumenitsa to Brindisi, Ancona, Venice & Bari, Patras to Brindisi, Ancona, Venice & Bari, Igoumenitsa to Brindisi, Ancona, Venice & Bari, Patras to Brindisi, Ancona, Venice & ….

How much does it cost to fly from Italy to Greece?

The quickest way to get from Italy to Greece is to fly which costs 40€ – 170€ and takes 4h 48m.

Can I travel to Greece by car?

CAN I COME TO GREECE BY CAR? The only Greek land border crossing that is open to non-essential travel is the Promachonas crossing on the border with Bulgaria.

How long is the ferry from Venice to Greece?

around 26 hours 30 minutesThe Venice Igoumenitsa ferry route connects Italy with Greece and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Minoan Lines service runs up to 1 times per week with a sailing duration of around 26 hours 30 minutes while the Anek Superfast service runs up to 1 times per week with a duration from 25 hours 30 minutes.

How far is Greece from Italy by plane?

524 milesThe air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Greece and Italy is 844 km= 524 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Greece to Italy, It takes 0.94 hours to arrive.

Is there a train from Greece to Italy?

The best way to get from Greece to Italy without a car is to bus and car ferry and train which takes 25h 8m and costs 100€ – 340€.

How many days are enough in Greece?

seven daysSpend at least seven days in Greece, and you’ll be able to comfortably explore Athens plus one or two Greek islands—pair Mykonos and Santorini, for example, or stick to the culture and cuisine of Crete.

Is there a ferry from Santorini to Italy?

By Sea: With us you can book online ferry tickets to Greece and to Santorini! The main route connecting Italy and Greece is Brindisi-Corfu-Igoumenitsa-Patras, operating for more than 30 years. … You can reserve your ferry by contacting directly the maritime company, a travel agency or your personal travel assistant.

When should I visit Italy?

The best time to go to Italy: The best time to visit Italy is in the spring (April to June) or fall (September and October) when there is nice weather, moderate temperatures, fewer tourists, and lower prices. The summer months can be hot, crowded, and expensive.

How long is the boat ride from Italy to Greece?

around 6 hours 30 minutesThe fastest route between Italy and Greece is Brindisi to Corfu with a crossing duration of around 6 hours 30 minutes.

Is there a car ferry from Italy to Greece?

Taking the ferry from Italy to Greece is one of the most popular ways to travel from one country to the other. The trip is preferred every year by passengers traveling from central and northern Europe to Italy by car and then crossing to Greece by ferry.

How do you get from Santorini to Italy?

How to Get to Santorini from ItalyStep 1: Search for direct flights to Santorini from Rome, Naples, Pisa, Milan, or Venice on … Step 2: If there are no good direct flights search for flights via Athens, Mykonos, or Crete.Step 3: If you want to spend time in Athens fly to Athens, then ferry to Santorini.More items…•

Is Italy part of Greece?

Italian forces were part of the Axis occupation of Greece. Italy ceded the Dodecanese to Greece as part of the Treaty of Peace following World War II in 1947. … Today, there are still historical Greek communities in Italy and Italian communities in Greece.

What is the best way to get from Italy to Greece?

The most common way to travel between Italy and Greece is by ferry. There are several Italian ports from which you can choose to take a ferry to Greece, Croatia, and other Mediterranean destinations.

Is it cheaper to go to Greece or Italy?

Although the prices aren’t dramatically different, Italy is slightly more expensive than Greece. Athens is a bit more affordable than Rome, and entertainment is also a bit cheaper in Greece. The cost of living in Italy is slightly higher than in Greece, and the of food and activities reflects this.