Question: How Do You Display A Tooltip?

How do I show tooltip without mouseover?

You want to show tooltip without mouseover.

Then it’s not called tooltip.

Just use a usercontrol or even a textblock to do it.

You position this control to where you want it and set visibility / or opacity to control how long you want to show it..

How do I show tooltip on touch devices?

BY USING TOUCH & HOLD When a user long-presses (touches & holds) then show the tips. You can use media queries to detect when a user is on a touch enabled device then implement the solution.

How do I show tooltip?

Basic Tooltip HTML: Use a container element (like

) and add the “tooltip” class to it. When the user mouse over this
, it will show the tooltip text. The tooltip text is placed inside an inline element (like ) with class=”tooltiptext” .

How do I display tooltip in Android?

Setting the tooltip text You can specify the tooltip text in a View by calling the setTooltipText() method. You can set the tooltipText property using the corresponding XML attribute or API.