Question: How Do You Get Roc’S Feather?

How do you get the feather in Zelda?

Once you’re back to the usual top down perspective in the next room, walk north and you’ll come across two blades with a treasure chest on the other side of them.

Bait the blades to get them to come to the middle and when they start retreating to their original spot, run past and open the chest to get Roc’s Feather..

How do you get a tail key?

Head up and open the chest to get the Tail Key. Though you can leave the forest through this passage here to the swamp, you cannot explore it properly just yet – so head south out of the Mysterious Forest and make your way to the Tail Cave. To reach the Tail Cave, head south out of Mabe Village to Toronbo Shores.

What does Roc’s feather do?

The Roc’s Feather is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda series. The Roc’s Feather makes Link lighter and allows him to jump to great heights.

Can you jump in Zelda?

First thing you have to do is equip Roc’s Feather in the menu, selecting it and assigning it to either X or Y. Once done Link can jump one square over any hole that blocks his path. Simply walk up to it and press the assigned button to leap into the air.

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How do I get the nightmare key?

To get the Nightmare key in Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon in Zelda Link’s Awakening, you have to find your way to a room with three specific enemies: an imprisoned Pols’ Voice (the bunny-like creature), a Shrouded Stalfos (the skellington with the robe that looks like the Grim Reaper), and a Keese (aka a bat).

In Link’s Awakening, the Roc’s Feather is found inside the Tail Cave. Link can combine it with the Pegasus Boots to jump over multiple pits at once. Link needs the Roc’s Feather to jump over Rolling Bones’ Spiketrap to avoid getting hurt.

How do I get through the tail cave?

To reach Tail Cave, exit Mabe Village to the south and then immediately follow the path heading eastward. Place the Tail Key into the lock to open the entrance to the dungeon. Tail Cave is without a doubt the easiest dungeon in the game.

Yes, Link can actually jump in Link’s Awakening to get over small gaps and make leaps into the unknown.

around 10-12 hoursThe Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch brings roughly the same length of playtime, with the main story taking around 10-12 hours to complete. The short length of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening might be off-putting to some fans, especially as it’s a full-price title.

Where is the nightmare key?

If you haven’t already, grab the Nightmare Key – it’s found in the largest room in the dungeon, and requires you to leap over the gap in the north-east corner using Roc’s Feather to find the chest. There’s also a staircase here, leading to a side-scrolling section and several hanging skeletons.