Question: What Is Sixth Generation?

Is F 16 a 5th generation aircraft?

F-16V Takes Flight Northrop Grumman’s APG-83 SABR AESA fire control radar provides 5th Generation air-to-air and air-to-ground radar capability..

Which countries have 5th generation fighters?

The beginning of the era of the 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft is attributed to the introduction of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in the US defence in 2005. There are many countries like India, China, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Europe, and South Korea are trying to build 5th Generation Fighter Aircrafts.

How many type of computer do we have?

There are seven types of Computer 1 Supercomputer 2 Mainframe 3 Microcontroller 4 Server Computer 5 Personal Computer 6 Workstation computer 7 smartphone. There are Four Different Computer Types We have four different computer types classified according to their performance, power, and size.

When was the sixth generation of computer invented?

What is the sixth generation of computers? It could be considered that the sixth generation of computers has its beginning at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, without a completion date since it is still considered to be in development.

Does India have stealth technology?

AMCA will be a single-seat, twin-engine, stealth all-weather multi-role fighter aircraft. India’s air force chief has said that AMCA will have “sixth generation characteristics”….HAL AMCA.Advanced Medium Combat AircraftRoleStealth multirole fighterNational originIndiaManufacturerHindustan Aeronautics Limited5 more rows

What are the characteristics of a computer?

Characteristics of Computer SystemSpeed. A computer works with much higher speed and accuracy compared to humans while performing mathematical calculations. … Accuracy. Computers perform calculations with 100% accuracy. … Diligence. A computer can perform millions of tasks or calculations with the same consistency and accuracy. … Versatility. … Reliability. … Memory.

What is the sixth generation of computer?

1, 2015 – Today Intel Corporation introduced the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family, the company’s best processors ever. The launch marks a turning point in people’s relationship with computers.

What are the characteristics of sixth generation computer?

Sixth Generation Wireless CharacteristicsTerahertz level Data.Extreme focus on Short-range Communication.AI is Inherent within the Network.Extremely High Radio Density.Very High Network Heterogeneity (Extreme HetNets)Transformed Radio Topology (Mesh, Hops, and Peer-to-Peer)

What are the 7 types of computers?

Contents Supercomputer. Mainframe. Server Computer. Workstation Computer. Personal Computer or PC. Microcontroller. Smartphone. 8 References.

What are the 10 types of hardware?

HardwareMonitor.Motherboard.CPU(Microprocessor.Main memory(RAM)Expansion cards.Power supply unit.Optical disc drive.Hard disk drive (HDD).More items…•

What is the largest type of computer?

Mainframe computer is the largest computer.Mainframe computers can execute millions of instruction simultaneously. Supercomputers are the largest computers in the world. … HPE Has Constructed The Largest Single-Memory Computer System Ever Built. … A mainframe computer’s size depends primarily on its age.

Is India developing 6th generation fighter?

India. The Indian Air Force (IAF) formally announced plans to develop sixth generation combat systems during the Air Force Day on 8 October 2020.

What is the next fighter jet?

The Boeing T-7 is the first Air Force jet to be produced using digital manufacturing techniques. (Boeing) WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force has secretly designed, built and flown at least one prototype of its enigmatic next-generation fighter jet, the service’s top acquisition official confirmed to Defense News on Sept.

What are the five generation of computer?

Computer – GenerationsS.NoGeneration & Description3Third Generation The period of third generation: 1965-1971. Integrated Circuit based.4Fourth Generation The period of fourth generation: 1971-1980. VLSI microprocessor based.5Fifth Generation The period of fifth generation: 1980-onwards. ULSI microprocessor based.2 more rows

What are examples of fifth generation computers?

FIFTH GENERATIONIntroduction: The period of the fifth generation in 1980-onwards. This generation is based on artificial intelligence. … Few Examples are: Desktop. Laptop. … Advantages: It is more reliable and works faster. … Disadvantages: They need very low-level languages.