Question: Why Can’T I Find Pages On My Mac?

Where is the Pages application on my Mac?

To open Pages, click the Pages icon in the Dock, Launchpad, or Applications folder.

If the template chooser (shown below) doesn’t appear, click New Document in the bottom-left corner of the dialog..

Do I need word if I have pages?

Working with Word files in Pages Generally, the real need is to open Word documents or to send Pages documents in doc or docx file format. … If you do not have Word installed on your computer, it will open automatically in Pages. When you need to send a Word file, you can do a quick export of Pages files.

How Much Does pages cost for a Mac?

Later Apple changed the price to $19.99 per iWork app on OS X and $9.99 per iWork app on iOS. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are part of the iWork productivity suite. Apple Pages is a word processor app that competes against Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Does Mac come with pages?

It also comes with apps like Photos, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, the Apple TV app, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—so you can be creative and productive right from the start. The apps that come with your MacBook Air are described in the following sections.

How do I find pages on my macbook air?

To see the version of Pages on your Mac, choose Pages > About Pages (from the Pages menu at the top of your screen). To explore the Pages user guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field. You can also download the guide from Apple Books (where available).

How do you download pages on a Mac?

Click the “App Store” icon on the dock, then click the “Purchased” icon in the window that appears. Click the “Install” button in the Pages listing to reinstall Apple Pages on your computer.

How do I recover deleted pages?

Go to the Pages tab. Restore one or more pages. To restore a single page, hover over the page to restore, and click/tap the Restore icon for that item. To restore multiple pages, check the boxes for the items to restore, and click/tap the Restore button.

Is pages free on Mac?

Pages for Mac is a free word processor that comes installed on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac that you purchase today. If you don’t have Pages on one of these devices you can download it for free from the App Store and start using it right away.

Will Word documents open in Pages?

Click on File in the menu bar and select “Open.” 3. Find your Word document and click on it. Pages will automatically convert the Word file to a new Pages file (alternatively, if the Word document has been sent via email, you can open it there and it should automatically launch in Pages).

Can Apple pages be opened in Word?

Apple . pages are not supported on Windows so you cannot open them using Microsoft Word. So if you want to show or edit a . pages file on Windows PC, you get errors, and Windows asks you to choose an app to open the file.

Where is the back button on Macbook Air?

It should be a 3 finger swipe from left to right on the trackpad. Check System Preferences > Trackpad > make sure the navigate option is check.

What is Pages app on Mac?

Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create stunning documents, and comes included with most Apple devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team can work together from anywhere, whether they’re on Mac, iPad, iPhone, or using a PC.

How do I recover pages on Mac?

Save a copy of a previous version as a new document: Hold down the Option key on the keyboard, then click Restore a Copy. Pages opens the copy in a new window, where you can edit it and save it with a new name. The original version also remains open in its own window.

Is pages better than Word?

For example, you can only use Pages on Apple devices- a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. … Microsoft Word does have a much wider reach, with fully-fledged programs available on both Windows 10 and macOS. While it’s web app is slightly- and I mean slightly- better than Pages in iCloud, it still isn’t something to use on the regular.

Why can’t I access my documents on pages?

If you can’t open a Pages document, make sure that you have the latest version of Pages from the Mac App Store. If a document is dimmed and can’t be selected, it means the document can’t be opened by Pages. … txt filename extension) in Pages, then save them as Pages or Word documents, or in PDF or EPUB formats.

How do I restore a previous version of a document?

Restoring Previous Versions of Files and Folders (Windows)Right-click the file or folder, and then click Restore previous versions. … Before restoring a previous version of a file or folder, select the previous version, and then click Open to view it to make sure it’s the version you want. … To restore a previous version, select the previous version, and then click Restore.