Quick Answer: How Do I Repair Valorant Files?

How do I fix Valorant Error 21?

Nevertheless, when you encounter the error the first fix you must try is to restart the client.

If that does not work, restart the system.

This will allow the Vanguard to reinitialize..

Can’t connect to Valorant servers?

If you have an active firewall, make sure to whitelist VALORANT and Vanguard Anti-Cheat! A PC restart might also help here. Restart your modem/router! Another way to potentially fix the “CONNECTION ERROR – VALORANT has encountered a connection error” in VALORANT is to restart your modem/router.

Why isn’t my Valorant working?

If you have trouble launching Valorant, especially when you see Error code 57, the easiest and quickest fix might be restarting your computer. Error Code 57 indicates the Vanguard anti-cheat system has not been initialized. If you’re not comfortable rebooting your PC, you can also try restarting the Vanguard process.

How do I fix Valorant connection error?

How to Fix the Connection Error in ValorantGo to Control Panel.Go to Program.Select “Uninstall a program” option.Find “Riot Vanguard” software in the list.Right-click and uninstall.Confirm operation.

How do I fix Valorant error 216?

Last Error Code 216 Solution Run the game as the administrator has solved the problem for most of the players with the same issue, and remember to ensure your anti-virus protection isn’t interfering with the game.

How do you fix Valorant Cannot start?

All you need to do is go to the Valorant shortcut, right-click on it, select Properties, go to Compatibility, go to Settings on that menu, and check the Disable fullscreen optimization and Run this program as an administrator. Click Apply, then OK. Restart your PC for good measure and try to launch the game.

How do I fix error 54 Valorant?

If you run into Valorant error code 54 when trying to launch the game, try restarting the Riot client. It may be that you’ve simply got a problem connecting to the game platform. But don’t take hasty action by trying to uninstall or reinstall the game.

How do I restart Valorant client?

When an error message asks you to “restart the Valorant game client” it’s simply requesting that you close and then re-open the game. The quickest way to restart the Valorant game client is to press Alt+F4, then simply launch the game again.

Can I reconnect in Valorant?

So right now, if you leave a Valorant game or match, you will not be able to queue up for another match until the game you left finishes. What you can do though is reconnect to the match you just left. … Don’t quit your game of Valorant, it’s not worth the penalty.

How do I fix Valorant Error 29?

Go ahead and restart the Riot Client. If the problem persists, uninstall Riot Vanguard, then restart Valorant. Vanguard Reboot required. Go ahead and restart the Riot Client.

How do I fix Valorant Error 12?

If you get Valorant error code 12, it means that the problem has occurred within the game client. You should be able to get back into the game simply by restarting the Riot Client.