Quick Answer: How Long Does BlendJet Take To Deliver?

How do I track my BlendJet order?

You can find your tracking number in the order confirmation email..

How long do Blenders Eyewear take to ship?

Standard shipping is 3-5 business days once shipped. First Class shipping is 3-4 business days once shipped. 2 Day Shipping is 2 business days once shipped (no deliveries Saturday or Sunday).

How long does it take to charge BlendJet?

3 hoursYour BlendJet will take up to 3 hours to fully charge, but often charges much faster. It will arrive mostly charged, but for maximum power, charge it before your first use. The light turns red while charging and blue once fully charged.

Is BlendJet legit?

I’ve been very happy with my Blendjet! It took a couple tries to get the right consistency but I just had to figure out the right order to put my ingredients in. Now I use it every single day! The charge definitely lasts through several blendings and I love the fact that it’s portable.

How much does a BlendJet cost?

At $40, a BlendJet One costs less than most other personal blenders, which typically range between $50 and $75.

What’s the difference between BlendJet 1 and 2?

The BlendJet 2 has a larger, 16-ounce capacity. That not only means you can blend a larger drink for yourself but, so long as you are good with an 8-ounce smoothie, you can now make a smoothie for two.