Quick Answer: Is I7 7700k Still Good 2020?

Is the Intel i7 7700k good for gaming?

Core i7-7700K CPU delivers exceptional computational performance and able to play all types of modern games comfortably on high/ultra graphics performance without being a hindrance to the accompanying GPU.

In addition to haveing 6 cores and much better performance in games it also comes with a great cooler..

Is the i7 worth it over the i5?

If you’re going to be doing a lot of video editing and/or you’re going to be streaming your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube, the Hyper-Threading abilities of an i7 could be worth it. For most PC gamers however, an i5 is the better choice. … Also, for most games an i5 will not bottleneck your gaming performance.

Can you overclock i7 7700k?

Our R&D dept has tested hundreds of CPUs and found the following frequency ranges are workable for overclocking Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPUs: … The AVX offset parameter can be used to clock 80% of CPU samples to 5GHz for light workloads, falling back to 4.8GHz for applications that use AVX code.

What generation is the i7 7700k?

The quad-core i7-7700K, which sits at the very top of the Kaby Lake lineup, is less interesting. Compared to the sixth-gen i7-6700K Skylake processor that preceded it, the i7-7700K gains a small bump in base and boost clocks to 4.2GHz and 4.5GHz respectively, as well as the deceptively named Intel HD Graphics 630.

Is it worth overclocking i7 7700k?

Also, the i7 7700K is an insanely hot chip and I get scared when I see it reach 80°+. So, since I would OC it just for gaming, it will probably just give me a 5% fps increase in the best case. … My 7700k and 1080ti combo benefited greatly from overclocking to 5.1ghz (delidded chip) but yes you are right.

Why is i7 7700k so expensive?

Because the 7700k is no longer in production and is still a decent quad core performance, probably one of the best quad core performing processors right now, in fact until you add in 2 more cores you cant find very many processors from Intel that do out perform it. … Why are there so many different types of I7 CPUs?

How long will an i7 processor last?

Considering my last computer lasted 8 years. I can’t imagine that an i7 7700 with a 1080 is going to last less than 5 years at a minimum. It may even last closer to 10 years. The game industry isn’t pushing hardware limits much anymore and they often make games based on what the average person is using.

Is i7 2600k still good 2019?

Yes, it is still more than fine for this purpose. 2600k is still capable of running even many new releases at 60fps/1080p max details, so it will still be a viable e-sport CPU for several years to come.

Is 2.20 GHz good for gaming?

GHz doesn’t matter. What matters is the model of the processor. For general purpose you can consider that more cores + higher frequency = good performance, but its not always true. For gaming, you can buy the latest 6th gen i3 if you are on a small budget, if possible i5 would be better.

Is the Ryzen 7 better than the i7?

Winner: Tie. Both Intel’s Core i7-9700K and AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X offer ample performance for day-to-day productivity work. AMD’s higher number of threads give it in the advantage in some applications, while Intel’s higher clock speeds help in others.

Should I buy i5 or i7?

Simply put, a Core i5-equipped system will be less expensive than a Core i7-equipped PC, if all else is equal. … A Core i7 will typically be better for multitasking, media-editing and media-creation tasks, high-end gaming, and similar demanding workloads.

Is Intel Core i7 7th Gen good for gaming?

Gaming Performance with Unlocked 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 K Processors. Learn how new laptops featuring the unlocked and overclockable 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 K processors, completely change the game with great responsiveness, high frame rates and support for streaming.

Which i7 generation is best?

The 7 Best i7 Processors of 2020Best Overall: Intel Intel Core i7-10700K at Amazon. … Runner-Up, Best Overall: Intel Intel Core i7-10700 at Amazon. … Most Popular: Intel Core i7 8700K at Amazon. … Best for Gaming: Intel Core i7-9700K at Amazon. … Runner-Up, Best for Gaming: Intel Core i7-7700K at Amazon. … Best for Content Creation: … Best for Laptops:

How long will the i7 7700k last?

5 years minThe 7700k will likely last 5 years min.

Will an i7 7700k bottleneck a RTX 3080?

Sorry to say but i7 7700K will bottleneck the RTX 3080 at 4k. … Your current CPU will be DOING bottleneck RTX 3080 beyond 10%. Beyond 10% means that it will bottleneck your GPU.

What is the fastest i7 processor?

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition. With up to 10 cores and 20 threads the Intel® Core™ i7 69xx/68xx processor family is our most powerful ever.

How much RAM do I need for i7?

16 GB RAMBasic web browsing can make do with 4GB, gaming and b multitasking needs 8GB, Pro level Photoshop/Video editing needs 16GB minimum. If you have the budget to build a rig with an i7 in it, you should be able to afford 16 GB RAM too which should cover all your use cases in the near future.

Is 4.20 GHz good?

Yes is good as you can see few fps gain when you go from 3.5GHz to 4.2GHz and i7-7700K can be pushed to 4.8-5GHz easily using good enough cooler.