Quick Answer: What Does AEC Stand For In Hospital?

What is the difference between an AEC and a DEC?

The professional diploma equivalent to the DEC is the Attestation of College Studies (AEC; Attestation d’études collégiales), whereas the DEC is for non-trade studies..

What is AEC DEP or skilled trade certificate meaning?

It proves that a person is qualified to work in a certain skilled trade in Canada. This means that they: have passed a certification exam, and. meet all the requirements to practice their trade in that province or territory.

What does EOM mean?

End of messageEnd of message or EOM (as in “(EOM)” or ““) signifies the end of a message, often an e-mail message.

What is an Dep?

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs.

What does AEC stand for?

Architecture, Engineering, and ConstructionIf you work in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry then you are very familiar with the acronym “AEC” which stands for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. However, those simple days of just one acronym seem to have passed us by.

What does LC stand for in hospitals?

LC in MedicalLCLiquid Chromatography Chemistry, Toxicology, Organic ChemistryLCLung Cancer Oncology, Technology, CancerLCLaparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgery, Laparoscopic, CholecystectomyLCLethal Concentration Health, Metalworking, ParasitismLCLight Chain Biochemistry, Biology, Healthcare15 more rows

What is AEC certificate?

AEC is the acronym for “Attestation of College Studies” in French. AEC programs are part of continuing education and are destined primarily for adults who wish to add value to their skill set or reorient their career.

What does Ed mean medically?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

What does E and D mean in hospital?

E&D. Elderly and Disabled. Medicaid, Service, Care.

What is AEC in Canada?

Definition: Attestation d’études collégiales (AEC) in French. A qualification issued in Quebec by cégeps and some private colleges upon successful completion of a credited and recognized program created specifically for an adult clientele to reflect current job-market realities.

What is a DEP in English?

Definition: Diplôme d’études professionnelles (DEP) in French. A qualification issued by the Quebec government after successful completion of programs lasting from one to two years offered at the end of the third, fourth, or fifth year of secondary school.

What does EDN stand for in hospital?

EDN in MedicalEDNEndothelinEDNEarly Diabetic NephropathyEDNEating Disorder Network + 1 variant Networking, Technology, TreatmentEDNEating Disorders Network Organizations, Networking, FamilyEDNelectrodesiccation Health, Healthcare, Medicine8 more rows

What does TCI mean NHS?

ImportantAbbreviationMeaningt.i.d., tid3 times a dayTCIto come inTFTthyroid function testTPNtotal parenteral nutrition120 more rows

What is a college diploma called in Canada?

A CEGEP is a public college in the Quebec education system, offering either a two-year diploma, which allows on to continue onto university (unless one applies as a ‘mature’ student, meaning 21 years of age or over, and out of the educational system for at least two years), or a three-year diploma in a variety of …

What does LC mean in nursing?

Medical Abbreviations – LAbbreviationInterpretationLClaparoscopiclaparoscopic cholecystectomylarge cellleft circumflex335 more rows•Aug 31, 2017

What does LC stand for on an excavator?

Long CrawlerI don’t know if this is true for Cat as well, but on many excavators (Volvo for example) LC stands for Long Crawler, and NLC stands for Narrow Long Crawler.

What does LC mean on a map?

AbbreviationDefinitionLCLevel CrossingMH & MLWSMean High and Mean Low Water SpringsMPMile PostMSMile Stone35 more rows•Oct 31, 2019

What does in mean in medical terms?

Prefix denoting not or in, into, within. Collins Dictionary of Medicine © Robert M. Youngson 2004, 2005.

What does EOM mean in medical terms?

EOM; Extraocular movement; Ocular motility examination. Extraocular muscle function testing examines the function of the eye muscles. A health care provider observes the movement of the eyes in six specific directions.

What is a DEC in English?

A DEC is a college-level diploma unique to Quebec. … DEC stands for diplôme d’études collégiales. Although the English equivalent is Diploma of College Studies, nearly everyone refers to it as a DEC. Students educated in Quebec who wish to pursue university studies in Quebec must have a DEC.