Quick Answer: Who Does Ayato End Up With?

Is Ayato in love with Julis?

Ayato Amagiri is the main protagonist of the anime and light novel series, The Asterisk War.

He is a transfer student at Seidōkan Academy and is searching to find his missing older sister, Haruka.

He is also the love interest of Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld..

Does Sylvia like Ayato?

And since that moment, Sylvia has a crush on Ayato for kindness and reputation and also makes another (short) appearance in the Phoenix Festa Award Ceremony.

Does Ayato kiss Julis?

There is an indirect kiss for Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld. … Ayato Amagiri only gets a small (fun)kiss on the cheek of the opponent to make the harem jealous.

Does Ayato and Julis win the Phoenix Festa?

After rescuing Julis from a plot to cripple the Phoenix Festa, he sets out to become her protector and close friend. Eventually, Ayato wins against Kirin and is named the new top student at the academy.

Is Ayato the strongest?

Pretty sure Ayato is the strongest and skilled in the entire series.

Will there be Season 3 of Asterisk war?

At the moment, the renewal status of The Asterisk War Season 3 stands at pending. … It’s very much possible that we will get a third season, especially as the light novel series it is based upon is still ongoing. The last volume that was released was December 25, 2019.