What Do Hidden Lines Look Like?

What are hidden lines in drawing?

Hidden lines in a drawing represent the edges where surfaces meet but are not directly visible.

Hidden lines are omitted from pictorial drawings unless they are needed to make the drawing clear..

What is a multiview sketch?

A multiview drawing is one that shows two or more two-dimensional views of a three- dimensional object. Multiview drawings provide the shape. description of an object. When combined. with dimensions, multiview drawings serve as the main form of communication between designers and manufacturers.

Are hidden lines shown in a section view?

Section views do not include hidden lines. Any material cut when a section view is defined is hatched using section lines. There are many different styles of hatching, but the general style is evenly spaced 45° lines. … Cutting planes are used to define the location of the section view.

What is the purpose of a visible line?

The visible object line (also visible line) is used to outline the visible edges of the object being drawn. They should be drawn so that the views stand out clearly on the drawing.

What are the lines on a blueprint called?

Phantom lines (see Figure 1-6) are thin lines used to indicate alternate positions of the parts of an object, repeated detail or the locations of absent parts. They are made by alternating one long and two evenly- spaced, short dashes, with a long dash at each end.

How many lines are used in drawing?

There are 5 main types of lines in art: vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, zigzag lines, and curved lines. Other types of lines are simply variations of the five main ones.

What is a long break line?

Long break lines are thin solid lines that have zigzags to indicate a break. Short break lines are thick, wavy solid lines that are drawn freehand.

What does a phantom line do?

Phantom Line Phantom lines are long-short-short-long lines most often used to show the travel or movement of an object or a part in alternate positions. It can also be used to show adjacent objects or features.

What do you call the thin and dark line used to show the starting and ending of dimension?

EXTENSION LINE – Thin and dark line use to show the starting and ending of dimension.

How do you show hidden lines in paper space?

Show Hidden Lines in the Current ViewportSelect the viewport in which you want to show hidden lines.Click View tab Palettes panel Properties palette.On the Properties palette, under Misc, in the Shade Plot field, select As Displayed.

What is a phantom line in AutoCAD?

Phantom lines: Phantom lines are used to indicate imaginary features. For example, they are used to indicate the alternate positions of moving parts, and adjacent positions of related parts. The line type is long dash – short dash – short dash and the line weight is usually thin (0.3 mm).

Which type of line is used for showing invisible parts?

Phantom linesPhantom lines are used to indicate imaginary features such as alternate positions of moving parts and adjacent positions of related parts.

When hidden lines meet their dashes should?

Rule 2: Hidden lines should always begin and end with a dash. An exception is when the hidden line begins or ends at a parallel visible or hidden line.

Where do you put hidden lines?

Hidden lines are used to show surfaces that are not directly visible. All surfaces must be shown in all views. If an edge or surface is blocked from view by another feature, it is drawn using a hidden line. Figures 4-11 and 4-12 show objects that require hidden lines in their orthographic views.

What is the meaning of hidden line?

[′hid·ən ′līn] (graphic arts) For a three-dimensional object, a line that cannot be seen because view of it is obstructed by part of the object or of another object.

How do you show hidden lines in Catia?

Ctrl+F launches the search tool. Near the middle of the tool is a “More” button. Click that to expose a few more search options. From the Line Properties section, pull down on the menu that allows you to define the hidden line type.

What are the 6 principal views of an object?

What are the six principal views of an object? Front, top, right side, left side, rear, and bottom.

How do I show hidden lines in Autocad?

To Create a Hidden Line ProjectionOpen the tool palette that you want to use, and select a hidden line projection tool. … In a 3D view select one or more objects that you want to use to create your hidden line projection, and press Enter.Specify an insertion point in your current drawing for the 2D hidden line projection.More items…•

What are extension lines?

Line Conventions, Continued Extension lines Extension lines are thin lines that extend from the object outline or point on the object to a place outside the image area. Extension lines define areas for dimensions. … Dimension lines present certain measurements of and between items in a drawing.

What four lines are used to aid in dimensioning?

There are four methods: parallel, running, chain, and combined dimensioning. Some methods of dimensioning a drawing can create an accumulating error.

How do you show hidden lines in AutoCAD 3d?

To show hidden lines in the current viewportSelect the viewport in which you want to show hidden lines.Click Window menu > Properties Inspector.On the Properties Inspector, Misc area, Shade Plot list, select As Displayed.