What Does Cover Your Back Mean?

How do you get someone off your back?

If you tell someone to get off your back, you mean that you want them to stop criticizing you and leave you alone.

He kept on at me to such an extent that occasionally I wished he would get off my back.

He wanted his mom to get off his back about marriage.

Note: You can also say that you get someone off your back..

What is the origin of have your back?

Still in the world of combat, but more recent, the phrase arose in the Second World War. As buildings and other defensive positions were cleared by squads, the first soldier to enter would be reliant on others to protect him from the rear as he concentrated fully on what lay ahead of him.

What is it called when you talk behind someone’s back?

slyly. sneakily. surreptitiously. without someone’s knowledge. “It can help when you need to brag or blow off steam or tell a secret or even talk behind someone’s back.”

What does on my back mean?

If people are on your back, they are bothering or nagging you.

What is the meaning of behind one’s back?

without one’s knowledge; secretly or deceitfully. See full dictionary entry for back.

Will I always get my back?

Similar to “watch my back” or “have my back”. It means someone will be looking out for your safety when you are not, or can not do it yourself (ie. when your back is turned). They will always be there to help you.

What does mooch off mean?

To ask for or obtain (something) through the charity of someone or something; to sponge off someone or something else. My brother has been mooching off me and my wife ever since he lost his job.

What means get off?

intransitive verb. 1 : to avoid the most serious consequences of a dangerous situation or punishment got off with a light sentence. 2 : start, leave got off on the trip early. 3 : to leave work with permission or as scheduled. 4 : to get high on a drug.

What does behind the scenes mean?

English Language Learners Definition of behind-the-scenes : working or happening privately without being known or seen by the public. : revealing or reporting on things that usually happen privately without being known or seen by the public.

What is the meaning of keep back?

1. phrasal verb. If you keep back part of something, you do not use or give away all of it, so that you still have some to use at a later time.

What does the idiom Get off my back mean?

The phrase get off my back is an idiomatic expression that means stop annoying or harassing me.

Will I get my back?

get (someone’s) back To be willing and prepared to help or defend someone; to look out for someone in case they need assistance. Don’t worry about those thugs, buddy. I’ll get your back if they ever come bother you again.

Is it correct to say behind my back?

The phrase “went behind my back” is to emphasize hidden and sneaky behavior. You can not say “in front of my back” because that seems like you could face your own back, but you cannot. Your back in this sense is a noun. … This phrase is more of a saying than literally meaning physically behind you.