What Is Another Word For Quite?

What is another word for quiet person?

What is another word for quiet person?silent personshy persontight-lipped persontimid personuncommunicative personuntalkative person.

What is quite similar to MS Word?

Below are the 5 free alternatives to Microsoft Word:WPS Office Writer.AbiWord.Soft Maker Free Office Text Maker.LibreOffice.Google Docs.

What are two synonyms for quiet?

Synonyms forpeaceful.reticent.silent.soft.hushed.muffled.mute.reserved.

What does being quite mean?

Quite is a degree adverb. It has two meanings depending on the word that follows it: ‘a little, moderately but not very’ and ‘very, totally or completely’: … Quite + gradable adjectives and adverbs. When we use quite with a gradable adjective or adverb, it usually means ‘a little, moderately but not very’.

How do you use quite?

When we use quite with a non-gradable adjective or adverb (an extreme adjective or adverb has a maximum and/or minimum, for example right – wrong), it usually means ‘very’, ‘totally’ or ‘completely’: The scenery was quite incredible. Helen had said the food was awful here. She was quite right.

What does it mean when someone says quite frankly?

Because “quite frankly,” which means “in an honest, open, or candid manner,” is often used to introduce an opinion that might not be welcome. The phrase itself is relatively new, showing up in the 19th century, but the words “quite” and “frankly” are quite old, dating back to the Middle Ages.

What is the synonyms of quite?

Synonyms forabsolutely.actually.altogether.fully.largely.thoroughly.truly.utterly.

What is quite and quiet?

As an adjective, quiet means “free from noise”; it can also be a noun or a verb. Quit is a verb meaning “to stop” or “to leave.” Quite is an adjective meaning “completely” or “to a considerable extent; rather.”

Is there an alternative to MS Office?

Best Microsoft Office alternatives – at a glanceLibreOffice.FreeOffice.WPS Office.Calligra.OfficeSuite.Polaris Office.OnlyOffice.WordPerfect.More items…•

What quiet means?

To be quiet means you don’t make any noise. When you’re trying not to wake a sleeping lion, you will be quiet when you run by it. The versatile quiet, which can be a noun, adjective, or verb (to quiet others), is one of those words that is best understood through its antonyms — loud or hectic.

What can I use instead of MS Office?

Six free Microsoft Office alternativesFreeOffice. Windows. www.freeoffice.com. … OpenOffice. Windows, Mac. www.openoffice.org. … LibreOffice. Windows, Mac. www.libreoffice.org. … WPS Office. Windows, iOS, Android. www.wps.com. … Google Docs. Windows, Mac. www.google.com/docs. … iWork. Mac. www.apple.com.

What is the meaning of quite difficult?

(A little tired, but not completely tired. Not very tired. Here the adverb “quite” is modifying the adjective “tired”) The English exam was quite difficult. (It was a little difficult, but not very difficult.)