Where Are My Revit Families?

Where are families saved in Revit?

When trying to access Revit family files, you may encounter a problem locating the files.

Issue: By default, family files are typically stored in a location like the following: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ \Libraries..

Where are Revit family templates located?

The default location for templates will be within the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT ####\Templates. If the desired path does not exist, it can be set up in Windows explorer. If using a custom Revit.

How do I load a family in Revit 2021?

Load FamiliesClick Insert tab Load from Library panel (Load Family).In the Load Family dialog, double-click the category of the family that you want to load.Preview any of the families (RFA) in the category: To preview a single family, select it from the list. … Select the family that you want to load, and click Open.

Where do I find my Revit library?

Revit content (templates and families) associated with the annual release are installed by default with the program (to the C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT path) , for versions 2020 and prior .

Where can I download Revit families for free?

Websites to download Revit Families for free:BIMsmith Market. BIMsmith is one of the world’s fastest-growing BIM platforms for AEC professionals. … RevitCity. … RBI Water Heaters. … BIM Object. … Smart BIM Library. … CAD Forum. … Modlar. … SpecifiedBy (UK)More items…

What is the difference between Revit LT and Revit?

Revit LT. Revit LT is more cost-effective, streamlined BIM software. Revit software includes additional features and functionality such as worksharing, analysis, and in-product rendering.

Where is family types in Revit?

Click Create tab Properties panel (Family Types). In the Family Types dialog, under Family Types, click New. Enter the family name, and click OK. In the Family Types dialog, enter the values for the type parameters.

Where is the family editor in Revit?

Select an instance of the family in the drawing area, and click Modify | tab Mode panel (Edit Family). Double-click an instance of the family in the drawing area. Note: The double-click editing behavior is determined by the setting for the Family element type in the Double-click Options.

How do I save a Revit family in lower version?

Open the RVT model in the newer version of Revit. Export to an IFC or DWG. (This export process converts the geometry in the file into a format which can be imported into the earlier version.) Open/Import the IFC or DWG into the older version of Revit.