Who Plays Joker In New Batman?

Who’s playing the Joker in the new Batman?

Willem DafoeWith two actors playing Joker in such a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another version of the DC Comics villain in the new Batman universe from Matt Reeves.

As for who could play him, many fans have been campaigning for Willem Dafoe as The Joker..

Who will play Joker in the Batman 2021?

Matt Reeves’ planned inclusion of the Joker in his Batman trilogy is an answer to the wishes of DC fans, and potentially Robert Pattinson himself. Speculation surrounding the Clown Prince of Crime was elevated following Pattinson sparking a crossover theory with Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the character.

Will there be a Batman with Joaquin Phoenix?

Joker director Todd Phillips has said there won’t be a sequel with Joaquin Phoenix. Bruce and Thomas Wayne, however, appear in the Joker. These easter eggs may connect the Joker and the upcoming Batman with Robert Pattinson.

Will Joker be in Suicide Squad 2?

Suicide Squad 2: Why Jared Leto’s Joker Isn’t Returning For Gunn’s Sequel. … As mentioned above, The Suicide Squad isn’t a direct sequel to Ayer’s film but it will have most of the characters back, most notably Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, but the Joker won’t be involved this time.

Is Johnny Depp going to play the Joker?

Legendary actor Johnny Depp is set to star as the eponymous Joker in the next superhero movie The Batman, alongside Robert Pattinson as Batman. In most superhero films, the hero usually wins the fight against the bad guys, and the villain usually dies.

Will Jared Leto play the Joker again?

Oscar winner Jared Leto is once again coming back as iconic DC villain The Joker for the Snyder cut version of “Justice League.” Warner Bros had recently announced that the original version of the movie, filmed by the filmmaker Zack Snyder prior to his departure from the project, will debut on HBO Max in 2021.

Is Ben Affleck coming back as Batman?

Vanity Fair reports Ben Affleck has agreed to reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in “The Flash” movie. Director Andy Muschietti (“It”) confirmed Affleck’s return and the role he’ll play in the 2022 film.

What day is Batman Day 2020?

September 21Batman Day datesYearDateDay2020September 21Monday2021September 21Tuesday2022September 21Wednesday2023September 21Thursday1 more row

Who is the new Batman 2020?

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson is the new Batman, and thanks to a new teaser, we just got a first look at what he looks like in the famous batsuit. Matt Reeves, who is directing the new Batman movie, shared a screen test of Pattinson in the new suit, and many Verge editors, myself included, are very here for it.

Is there any mention of Batman in the new Joker movie?

The short answer: No. The superhero Batman does not appear, nor is the name Batman ever once uttered or alluded to, in “Joker.” … Much later in “Joker,” Arthur confronts Thomas directly, only to be coldly told that his mother is delusional, that she was fired for, essentially, stalking Thomas, and that Arthur is adopted.

Are Batman and Joker brothers?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. … Though the film is populated with comic book characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is related to his ultimate archenemy. (He’s famously an only child.)

Is there a new Batman movie coming out in 2020?

In January last year it was confirmed by Warner Bros that The Batman will be released on June 25, 2021, with filming due to start at the end of 2019 or start of 2020 per Variety.